“We fused our passion for cycling and design to create FEDER MUT, a premium cycling, running and fitness apparel brand. “


FEDER MUT – Feeling light as a feather while feeling strong and courageous enough to get past your challenges and achieve your goals.  

Our mission has been to make products interwoven with care, passion and respect, finding the way to ride the wave of evolution and revolution naturally, inquisitively exploring changing times and then interpreting them, but without denying its own history.

This Feder Mut path stems from a philosophy that merges past and future, technology and handcraftsmanship, aesthetics and function.

We offer you advanced sportswear that has an impressive amount of research and testing which provides you with the best technology designed for both amateurs and pros. 

We believe that life is full of emotions, which is why our brand is specially designed to accompany you during your training, competicion or casual bike rides each time you hit the road. Continuously in tune with everything you feel and the need to express yourself with style.


Sometimes a dream takes shape in a factory space and thanks to certain unique and skillful hands we can give life to our Premium sportswear. The passion and professionalism that our dressmakers put into our products is truly unique. They know exactly how to sew and adjust each piece.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Free Athlete or a Pro, if you wear FEDER MUT you know what is the attention to details in each of our pieces. A lot of care and precision go into our products, step by step we shape the fit, always testing on the road, for you to feel comfortable when using our products.

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